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Billii with John Wesley Coleman and Charlie Valentine

Wow,Wow! Now all the music gods will really be there for Billii's debut! All my buddies around the world will be able to TUNE IN to the show because we will be broadcasting it LIVE through KFEE Digital Radio!! You'll be able to listen at or search KFEE on your TuneIn app. Ahh yeahhh!

Sound. Vision. Motion. Energy. Rock and mickee fickin' Roll! This is Billii.

"I'm tired of dickweeds thinking they can just take whatever they want and leave me hanging. So I got me a guitar, a pen, paper, paint brush, a string, duct tape, some kale and some chocolate, maybe some wine, a good movie...and I'm eventually gonna do something about it. What?" -B

Listen to some tunes:

I got ya some John Wesley Coleman up in this bish! He's a living legend and a Texas boy. :D I'm so psyched he's gonna be playing this show!!! 

Watch these videos:

Read his stuff:

Then I got some Charlie Valentine! So smooth, so sharp, he could slice you with his eyes. Yep. Better watch out. Ahh, but he's super sweet too.

Beer, wine and coffee beverages will be available at the coffee shop right next door. Y'all can grab ya a nice cold one and just head on over to the gallery space. 


$5 suggested donation for da bands.