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Toxic Masculinity: Understanding Patriarchy

  • Flitch Coffee 641 Tillery Street Austin, TX 78702 (map)

Last week, we launched our Toxic Masculinity series with a class on the way rigid gender binaries fail. For Wednesday, we'll keep this failure in mind as we examine the patriarchy through a canonical article by bell hooks and an investigation into affect and emotion in the Men's Rights Movement.

Texts (optional, but encouraged) 
"Understanding Patriarchy" (bell hooks)
"Phallic Affect, Or Why Men's Rights Activists Have Feelings" (Jonathan A. Allan, Men and Masculinities)

Extra Credit
"The Gay Men Who Hate Women" (Seán Faye, Broadly)
"Butch Please: Butch with a Side of Misogyny" (Kate, Autostraddle
"The Shooting in Orlando: Terrorism, or Toxic Masculinity (Or Both?)" (Syed Haider, Men and Masculinities)
"Towards an Intersectional Approach to Patriarchy: Male Homosociality in an American Context" (Frank G. Karioris, IDS Bulletin)
"An Imagined Date Between Two Straight Men" (Rebecca Caplan and Shea Strauss, The New Yorker)