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O, My Aching Heart by Illyana Bocanegra

O, My Aching Heart short film screening. This short experimental and poetic documentary explores the director's young adult relationship coming to an end.

Director Statement: One day, while organizing my hard drive, I happened upon a thirty-minute audio recording. It caught my eye, so I decided to check it out. It was a recording of a conversation I had with my old roommate Sarah as I paced around our tiny apartment off East Riverside, crying about the end of an important relationship. It was strange and sobering to listen to my own sad and broken voice. My phone, on its own accord, had recorded a conversation, a conversation in which I explored my own feelings, feelings which others may relate to.

Being young and in love, I felt complex and self-aggrandizing emotions, and I long to feel understood. That's why I created this film. I brought my uncomfortable feelings to light in an attempt to feel understood and to understand, and maybe in this process, others will find similar relief.

Later Event: March 15
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