Having worked as an independent publisher, editor, writer, and university educator for over a decade, Dan founded Punctum Records, Studium, and Human Sciences to reframe his work in direct support of his immediate community. In 2015, he earned a Ph.D. in language and literature from the University of Texas at Austin, focused on translation and Sanskrit epic poetry.

Dan Rudmann
Principal Director

With a background in critical theory and public health, Megan works to lead and facilitate education and community initiatives at Studium. Megan is a graduate student at UC Berkeley, working at the intersection of qualitative and quantitative research methods in women's health.

Megan Bontempo
Director of Education
Human Sciences

Andrew is a distinguished musician in the Austin music community, participating in countless projects through performance, recording, and touring. With years of experience in the commercial music industry and in music writing, Andrew is proven effective in bringing Austin music into the national conversation.

Andrew Stevens
Assistant Director
Punctum Records

Catherine comes to the Studium team after years of experience as an Austin musician and early childhood educator. She works to facilitate dialogue and trust between Studium and her widespread community through outreach, design, and development. Catherine is a board member at Escuela de Maria and holds a BA in English Language and Literature from Centre College.

Catherine Naiser
Community Manager

At Studium, Madeline is responsible for the art direction of The Compound, as well as the facilitation of arts projects, photography, and the chronicling of our organization. She is an undergraduate student of English and Studio Art at Texas State University, and will graduate in May 2018.

Madeline Harvey
Esprit de Corps

Eva Claycomb is a multimedia artist working in performance, writing and illustration. Her most recent work is a series of humorously poignant zines published by Monofonus Press (2015). These peculiar reflections visit everything from the meanings and etiquette of breakfast to letters addressed to an Oblomovian dog. Her emotively shrewd manner probes as often as it informs, creating self contained nuggets of existential bewilderment. 

Eva Claycomb

With a BFA from Arizona State University, Andrea is a freelance photographer who founded Lower Left, a small garage gallery run out of her home in South Austin. Founded in 2014, the gallery aimed to promote collaborative works from local artists. Now at home at Studium, Lower Left continues to promote Austin artists and facilitate and expand community in conjunction with the other organizations at Studium.

Andrea Calo
Lower Left

Eileen is a rogue para-academic who, in 2004, co-founded the BABEL Working Group, a scholarly-activist collective focused on radicalizing scholarly exchange and dissemination across and beyond academic disciplines. In 2011 she also co-founded Punctum Books, which is now the largest academic Open Access publisher in the world. After completing her Ph.D. in Medieval Literature at the University of Tennessee in 2001 and working as a professor for 10 or so years, she resigned her tenured professorship in 2013 to run Punctum Books full-time. She is one of the world’s leading advocates for globally-networked Open Access and Para-University initiatives.

Eileen Joy
Punctum Books

Ryan Sambol began his career in Texas at an early age with a group called The Strange Boys, who, over three albums in five years, enjoyed moderate success and cut their teeth over two continents. In 2015, he formed Forever Wet Paint Co. as an imprint to partner with Punctum Records and release his subsequent solo work.

Ryan Sambol

Forever Wet Paint Co.