Branching out from the ethos of Punctum Books, Punctum Records launches in Austin, Texas with a vision to assist the music community in finding comprehensive means of support by re-centering the process of creation and production around a family of artists.  


As the mission of the organization grows, so does its cohort, resulting in the publication of over a dozen projects on vinyl record, flexi disc, cassette, book, and usb audio zine. With the desire to house all this work in a public format, Studium opens as a retail and performance space in East Austin in collaboration with Byron & Blue, Wright Bros. Brew & Brew, Stowe Provisions, and Attendance Records. 


Studium, as a public space, garners momentum through its performances and programming, resulting in a significant community comprised now of musicians, visual artists, writers, activists, and community educators. Recognizing that thought production is a necessary component of artistic creation, Human Sciences is developed to foster alternative modes of education. In the final months of the year, Studium incorporates as a 501(c)(3) arts and education non-profit organization.


As a developing non-profit, Studium establishes a fully a multifaceted Compound on Rosewood Avenue in East Austin and begins to build networks of support within its community. In the fall, Studium will move to the Motion Media Arts Center, bringing Punctum Records and Human Sciences into collaboration with the Austin School of Film to develop a 20,000 square foot space for the arts and alternative education.